The Power of thinking Ahead; Why Planning Your Event Matters

planning an event

Here at ICAN we believe that event planning and thinking ahead go hand in hand, as proactive attitude is critical for a successful and smoothly executed event.

We are here to discuss just that: Why is thinking ahead not just a good idea but a necessary ingredient to Event Management?

Thinking Ahead helps anticipate needs and challenges before they are even encountered. Planning in advance allows for ample time to execute one’s needs and vision and will also give space for change should this be needed. Time will basically give you space; space to think, space to evaluate, space to change, space to evolve and adapt and finally space to grow your event. A Contingency Plan is always a plus and a good one can only be achieved by planning ahead. Such a plan may be needed due to weather, technical issues and any other backup solutions. However if little time is given to the actual planning of plan A how can plan B be effective?

Time in the event planning world is a valuable asset! Using it wisely is key. Thinking ahead allows you to allocate your resources effectively, be streamlined and helps you keep track of your own progress. ICAN believes that this will surely eliminate any rushed decisions and reduce the chances of any fire fighting solutions on the day of the actual event.

Every event will have its indicative Budget, some might be flexible with it and others not. Thinking Ahead gives you the ability to optimise one’s budget. It gives you the chance to clearly see where resources need to be directed to, what is important to spend that little more on or not, it allows to explore cost effective alternatives and most importantly helps to reduce or eradicate the last minute splurge! ICAN recommends that the time given to a well thought out budget will in turn provide you with a stabley financial event with no compromise on quality!

Creativity is what ICAN calls that little added ‘spice’ that thrives when Thinking Ahead  in the world of event management. Time for planning gives the freedom for innovative concepts, the experimental of themes, the inclusion of unique aspects to be added to one’s event and ultimately the time for these to be executed in a suitable manner and also in the best way possible visually and financially. This little dash of ‘spice’ will surely contribute to a memorable and captivating experience for your attendees.

Thinking ahead and Stress! Ask yourself: do we need more stress in our daily life? Leaving event planning to the last minute often leads to rushed deadlines, a greater chance of miscommunication and mistakes and an overall stressful experience leading up to the event. All of this will reflect into the event you are planning and at ICAN we always emphasise that the feeling with which one is engaging with the preparation process gets portrayed on that particular event. Thinking ahead will be followed by peace of mind, confidence and tranquility in knowing that proactive decisions were taken and the proof will be in the detail.

In conclusion, the benefits of Thinking Ahead are undeniable. From the time to think, time to plan, time to be creative, time to communicate, time to change, time to budget…..basically the key word is ultimately TIME.