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Events can be amazing. An opportunity to wow and impress. To leave audiences standing in awe, clapping for an encore and going home happy with their adventure. Protecting that overall event experience and making sure that it’s a positive one is where we come in.

From large-scale private conferences to VIP launches and three-day festivals to one off concerts, we’ve provided equipment that can help protect crowds that number from the hundreds to the thousands. Many of our clients are repeat customers, trusting our ability to deliver security equipment on time and to budget.

Don’t put your guests’ safety on the back burner

The safety and security of guests can very easily be forgotten during the planning stages of an event. We make sure that this is given priority and placed on the event checklist. Some events will require high-end security equipment including x-ray machines for any belongings, whilst other events can do with simple handheld scanners. Whatever we recommend, we can provide. In-house stock available!


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looking after your venue location, including the entry and exit points, high-profile visitor requirements and the estimated crowd numbers, we’ll work with you to establish the kind of security equipment your event will need and the amount.

Being comprehensive in our approach is only one of the reasons why iCAN is at the forefront of event security equipment in Malta and Gozo.

Equipment available on demand

We have the largest stock of event security equipment on the island. That means we have equipment that’s readily available for use even when an event you weren’t expecting comes around.

  • Walkthroughs Metal Detectors
  • Metal Handheld Detectors
  • Luggage X-Ray Machines

We will ensure timely delivery of all equipment and professional set up, showing the relevant staff how to use everything. After the event, we’ll take care of dismantling, leaving no mess and no damage.

Event Security has become an increasingly important role for event planning companies, corporate clients, project managers and venues themselves. But it’s also a distraction that can take you away from planning the other elements of your occasion. With that in mind, who else would you trust to keep your guests safe?

We can provide security equipment for a range of events

  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Charity & Fund-Raising
  • Events
  • Celebrity and VIP
  • Appearances & Signings
  • Political Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Conferences and
  • Conventions
  • Grand Openings
  • Shows
  • Street Parties
  • Premieres
  • Street Parades
  • Sporting Events
  • Marketing and Product
  • Launches
  • Gala Events
  • New Year Celebrations

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