Finding the Right Fit: How to Choose the Right Event Management Company

You’ve been tasked with putting on the event of the century – but you know you can’t do it alone.

An event management company can help you create a memorable occasion. They can do everything from sourcing and managing suppliers to invitation management.

Whether you’re hosting a charity gala or an international conference, it’s important to find an event production company that fits your needs and budget.

When you interview potential event partners, run through this list of ten essential things to look out for to make sure you’re hiring the best event company for your needs.

10 Surefire Signs an Event Management Company is Right for Your Unforgettable Occasion

Remember that your event manager is responsible for the success – or failure – of your event. Ask them about these ten vital things before you sign a contract!

1. An Impressive Contact List

Who do they know? Can they bring influential people as guests to your event? Or is their supplier list off the charts with reputable and high-end companies?

Ask to see real examples of who they would recommend for your event, and find out how they know the suppliers too. A long-standing relationship means you can trust that they’ll deliver.

2. Real Life Customer Testimonials

Any good business knows the power of the personal referral.

Ask to speak to previous customers. Don’t rely on website testimonials: anybody can make up reviews for their own website.

Instead, ask for contact details of two or three customers who would be happy to talk about their experience with the event production company.

If the potential event partner is hesitant to hand over any testimonials, walk away.

3. A Portfolio to Impress

What have they done in the past? Are their previous events similar in style, budget, or audience to the one you’re holding?

Proof of their experience in the form of a stunning portfolio, complete with supplier lists and photographs of the event, will help you to determine if they’ll be able to understand your needs.

4. Clear Pricing

Event management fees can be charged as part of the budget or in addition, and they might want a percentage up-front too.

Make sure your potential events company is comfortable and willing to talk money. Hidden fees and extras can bust your budget, and also mean you’re not able to trust what else they might promise.

5. Proof of Legal Paperwork

Holding any event is a liability nightmare. Ask for copies of relevant insurance, such as public liability, and also any licenses that may be required in your region.

It’s your responsibility to make sure your event partner has the right level of insurance cover in place. Your event is at risk of being cancelled, or you could fall into disrepute if the paperwork isn’t in order.

6. Access to Unique Equipment or Venues

Take a look at what the company can offer you that no others can. Do they have exclusive access to a stunning venue? Or perhaps they only use the latest high-tech equipment for a memorable audio-visual experience.

Standing out from the crowd like this shows initiative and creativity, which are both excellent qualities in an event manager.

7. Understanding of Your Brand and Event Vision

Have they done their research into your company, or made an effort to find out more about you for a personal event?

It’s vital that an event host understands what your aims are for the occasion. They need to be able to cater to your unique needs, rather than try to shoehorn your event into a standard template.

8. Partnership Working on Your Creative Brief

Does the company push back on any elements of your creative brief? Have they brought their own ideas to the table?

An event manager who brings their own ideas to your creative brief – especially if they incorporate your brand or personal vision – is worth their weight in gold.

You’re hiring them because they’re the event experts: a manager who doesn’t question anything in your brief either has no confidence or doesn’t care about the success of your event.

9. Top Communication Skills

Look at how your potential event manager communicates with you from the moment you first get in touch.

Are they warm in their tone and easy to talk to? Do they ask questions to develop a deep understanding of your needs?

Consider how they communicate prior to and after your first meeting. An event manager should be available and accessible; if they go quiet on you for days, that’s not a good sign.

10. A Gut Instinct

Finally, how does this company or event manager make you feel? If you feel a personal connection with them, or have confidence that they’ll make your event shine, this is a great sign you should hire them.

Your gut instinct is surprisingly accurate when it comes to knowing whether someone can walk the talk they give you. Listen to what your heart says as well as your head: if they both agree, hire the event production company right away.

3 Signs You Should Run for the Hills

If a potential event company displays any of these signs, back away and vow never to hire them.

1. No Concept of Event Security

If your planner doesn’t ask about your security plans for your event, you’re running into trouble.

Keep your attendees safe, and have peace of mind, with security technology and staff in place. If your planner says you don’t need such measures, they live in an alternate reality and it’s time to end your meeting.

2. A Reluctance to Use Technology

An event planner should be confident with recommending technology to make your conference a seamless experience.

While some events may be suited to traditional processes, an event manager should be happy to suggest alternative ways to manage your delegates. Some people, for example, prefer to have an e-ticket option, or a members-only website area to access conference information before, during, and after the event.

3. Easy to Break Under Pressure

When something goes wrong at your event you need to know it will be handled swiftly, professionally, and with a solution immediately present.

If your event planner starts to crack under a little pressure, such as grilling them with tough questions, it’s a sign they could fall apart at your event.

Make Your Malta Event Memorable

Not every event management company will suit your needs but shop around and you’ll soon find one that’s a perfect fit.

Get to know your event planner before you sign a contract. Your personal relationship will affect how successful the event is: if you feel you’ll work well together, it’s a surefire sign that your conference will be seamless.

If you want to tick all of the positive points above (and none of the negatives!) for your event in Malta, contact us today to see how we can help.