All You Need to Know About Event Safety

Safety First: All You Need to Know About Event Safety

Event safety is far more complex than putting security personnel in the venue. The process also requires extensive communication and coordination to make the event successful. By practicing the correct security procedures, you will protect your staff and guests. Here’s everything you need to know when it comes to security measures at your next event.

Fill Out a Risk Management Event Safety Plan

It’s time to bring out your risk assessment sheets! All successful risk assessment plans have three vital parts. Each of these parts serves a purpose in ensuring your security at events is top notch.

Hazard Identification

You will want to figure out what types of hazards may pose a threat during your event. You can identify these risks, by thinking of the class involved in such an event. Such as the people who will be setting up, running and those participating in this event. Don’t forget to also write down, all human-related hazards as well. These can be anything from technological to environmental hazards.

Risk Assessment

The risk assessment part is where you will need to estimate any potential impact that a hazard can happen. You will also be responsible for finding the level of such risk. Once this step is complete, you then can focus on your risks in order by significance.

Risk Control

You will need the help of your event team to fill out the risk control part. This is where you can develop solutions to your risks in the order of the highest to the smallest. All of your solutions should be practical and logical.

Hire Professional Security at Events

You should always hire experienced qualified security for your events. You will want to investigate the security company to ensure they can handle your scale of events. The security company should have a copy of the event security plan. They know your communication methods, strategies, and evacuation procedures. If you are choosing to use a security scanning device during your event, your security staff will need training on the device.

Keep Venue Well Lit

You should ensure have all the required lighting in and out of your venue for maximum safety such as:

  • Walkways
  • Working Exit Signs
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Proper Lighting For Set-Up

It’s recommended to consult AV professionals. AV professionals will ensure you will have the proper lighting for the event. They can even help if a problem were to rise.

Ensure Event is Resistant to the Elements

Event planners love holding events in uncontrolled environments. This goes along with being able to adapt to changes in a split second. For instance, outdoor events can pose a risk of high winds, rain, and lighting. Which is your job as the planner to have a backup event security plan, if these things were to happen to you.

Final Thoughts on Security at Events

Having an event security plan is vital to having a safe and fun event. Yet, it’s more than hiring security guards. You will need to have your risk management event safety plan along with a backup plan for your event if the weather poses a threat. Need security for your next event? You will want to check out iCAN services and contact us for pricing.