Conference & Events to Set Your Stage

iCAN understands that every event is a new opportunity for your organisation. With years of experience on world-class projects, we are uniquely positioned to create events of the highest standard and influence.

Our dedicated team of specialists is complemented by the most-advanced technological systems available and the largest selection of supplies in Malta. We design customised solutions for your needs and manage every aspect professionally, so you can host a smooth, first-rate event.

We take a strategic approach to conference and event creation and have been entrusted with the management of some of the most prestigious and noteworthy occasions in Malta over the years. iCAN was also behind several major events of international significance.

Our vision centres on the experience of the individuals that attend the events and we are committed to create memorable occasions that raise the reputation and stature of your organisation.

Making a Statement with Conferences & Events

iCAN has established itself as a leader in Conference and Events creation, introducing innovative concepts and delivering top-notch results. There is no definitive way in event management and every project deserves out-of-the-box thinking to realise its potential.

We pride ourselves in offering a solution-oriented service that adapts to the specific requirements of our clients and the occasion. For iCAN no project is too difficult, or too complex. Our skilled team make it all fall in place so you can enjoy a worry-free event.

At iCAN we understand the technical and logistical needs of any ancillary services that your event might require, and we are more than able to facilitate the coordination between all the parts.

Our mission is to transform your event into a remarkable occasion. With professional guidance throughout and commitment to the highest level of quality, iCAN is changing the world of conferences and events.

Meet The Team

Andrea Frendo

general manager

An industry expert in Conferences and Events creation, Andrea has built a reputation for excellence and resourcefulness. Her leadership is driven by a passion for Creative Direction and Logistical Management. Andrea has accumulated a distinct experience in the sector, working on some of the biggest international conferences and events held in Malta.

If it ain’t fun, it ain’t worth it.

Keith Chetcuti

managing director

Keith brings over 25 years of experience working for the largest international organisations in the field. One of the prominent figures in Conferences & Events management, Keith has exceptional technical insight into the many facets of the industry. His advice and guidance give an edge to the iCAN team of professionals.

Multitasking is an understatement.

Heather Pearson

event manager

Having a solid background in the hospitality industry, Heather has built a name for herself in the events industry too. Her creativity and logistical precision have made her an events guru. Her problem-solving skills are truly a life-saving trait during high-pressure events. Clients that work with Heather, stick with her for good.

If you don’t try, you will never know.

Tamara Azzopardi

Office Administrator

A newbie in the events industry, Tamara is responsible for the “unseen”. Clients may not meet her as often, but she is the one that keeps it together for the entire iCAN team. She is the reference point for the team and the one that keeps iCAN’s hub in order. A truly valuable team player.

Everything happens for a reason. Everything leads to something better.

Winston De Giorgio

Audio Visual Manager

Most possibly one of the most knowledgeable technical audio-visual experts in Malta. Winston’s experience has led him to some of the most prominent events overseas; making him adaptable to all kinds of situations. His calmness during the most challenging scenarios makes him fix any issue encountered.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Josette Darmanin

Event Manager

Production and live events, including TV shows and concerts, are definitely Josette’s fortes. She has been a part of the live events industry for years and her passion surely does come out at each and every stage of any event. Her organisational skills are a cut above anyone else’s. If you are looking for someone to handle your event and be “on the ball”, she is your person.

Detail is in the eye of the beholder

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